The Galapagos Islands are one of the most unforgettable destinations one could have on a travel bucket list. Also known as the Enchanted Islands, this is a destination for anyone interested in adventure, nature, animals, pristine beaches, active volcanoes and even history.

Surrounded by wonders, the Galapagos Islands are the best place to disconnect from the rest of the world, but what to do in the Galapagos? There are hundreds of things to do, and here are the top 5.

1.     Snorkeling

This is one of the favorites for many visitors. Snorkeling is the chance to get up close and create and intimate contact with the marine wildlife. For snorkeling you don’t need any training, however, it’s important that you get briefed thoroughly before.

You can choose a variety of sites around the Galapagos to snorkel, such as Kicker Rock near San Cristobal, Pinnacle Rock on San Bartolomé, and Devil’s Crown off the coast of Floreana.

2.     Hiking

The Galapagos Islands are a World Heritage Site, so given their national park status not every part of the park can be explored.
However, trails are marked for those who enjoy hiking; in Galapagos you can enjoy a unique lava rock trail where you will see blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, and sea lions.

3.     Kayaking

Yes, sea kayaking! You don’t really need any training to paddle along the rugged shoreline of the Galapagos Sea. You will be able to see several animals swimming by your side, including penguins and sea lions.

4.     Biking

You can sign up for any cycle tour depending on how advanced you want it to be, take part in fun rides through the divine scenery. Cycle exploring some of the highest points on the island while you enjoy the native flora and fauna.

5.     Scuba diving

For this one you need to have some experience or training, but don’t worry you can sign up for a scuba diving course. Then you can go deep into the hidden waters of the Galapagos and swim by the side of white-tip sharks, marine iguanas, penguins, golden rays, hammerheads and more.

The Galapagos islands are the perfect place to disconnect from the outside world, this top 5 activities are the most popular but not the only ones. Galapagos is a place where you can find anything to do.

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Sacha Warmi Project Half-Day Trip on 22 May, 2021

Review: Due to a curfew in Ecuador we did this trip instead of another we had planned. It was great to experience a rural area and spend time with a family. We got to see the things they were growing and a nice rose farm. They were so hospitable and made us a great meal!

Robyn R.

Sacha Warmi Project Half-Day Trip on 18 Jun, 2021

Review: A wonderful introduction to the hospitality and history of an indigenous community on my first day in Ecuador. We were welcomed into the home of a family, went on a guided tour of the community farm (with newborn animals and various crops), learned about the medicinal use of plants, hiked with community members to an overlook of the Otavalo valley with folklore and stories, and were treated to a wonderful home cooked meal. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who is interested in the culture and real-life experience of Ecuador.

  • star rating  The trip was so great! Our guide Paul told us so much about his country. He was always in a great mood and organized everything very well. The selected restaurants... read more

    Franziska K
    1 enero 2022

    star rating  My 8 year old daughter and I took this trip together and we loved everything from beginning to end. The guides are knowledgeable, kind and patient. The sights are beyond... read more

    Jennifer C
    10 mayo 2022

    star rating  Adventure Journey's 8-day Avenue of the Volcanoes trekking tour was the most MEMORABLE and AMAZING trip I've ever had!

    Every aspect of this trip was so well executed.... read more

    1 febrero 2022

    star rating  This trip beyond met our expectations. We learned so much about the animals, plants, people, culture, geography, climate, food…(the list goes on), in both Galápagos and Ecuador. We had very... read more

    Grace C
    1 agosto 2021
  • star rating  This trip was one of our favorite adventures ever. We did a couple add on excursions prior to the full tour starting and had our guide, Paul, all to our... read more

    Chris H
    26 julio 2021

    star rating  My spouse and I had an amazing time on this trip this 7-day trip! Nicole (our adventure specialist) was organized and very responsive to our needs/questions from the time we... read more

    Rachel J
    1 enero 2022

    star rating  My wife and I were totally enthralled with the trip. AJ guides were all amazing. Would definitely use them again. We had 3 separate guides, and they were all excellent... read more

    22 agosto 2021

    star rating  The trip was so great! Our guide Paul told us so much about his country. He was always in a great mood and organized everything very well. The selected restaurants... read more

    20 enero 2022







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