Galapagos Multisport Tour for 10 days

Adventure Journeys arrange the most attractive and complete tour where you’re going to experience the remarkable volcanic Galapagos Islands with this action paced adventure

Our Galapagos packages include hotels, breakfast and land transportation. We also have various Galapagos tours that vary the days and activities. But, for now we will talk about our Galapagos Multisport tour.

On the first day you will arrive in the capital of Ecuador, Quito.This city is located on the equator and in the valley on the slopes of the Pichincha Volcano. You can visit the city as long as your flight arrives on an appropriate schedule. You will have a briefing of the activities; it will be a day to ask any questions about the trip. Now it’s time to rest in the hotel and have an early flight the next day to the most amazing archipelago on the Pacific coast and the place where Charles Darwin based his theory of the evolution of species.

Quito capital of Ecuador

Day 2: Once arrived at the airport of San Cristobal Island you will be transported to the hotel in the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and get ready for the adventure. In the afternoon you will head to «La Loberia», which is a home beach for large Galapagos sea lions. Then you will hike for approximately 1 hour, the ground in this hike is flooded along the shoreline at high tide, it is a fairly leisurely walking activity that takes you through a lot of lava rocks and some mangroves. After that, you will enjoy a shallow water snorkeling activity to spot sea lions and sea turtles.

galapagos snorkeling
Galapagos Snorkeling

Day 3: In the morning, you will take a boat to Kicker Rock, located off the coast of San Cristóbal, also known as the Sleeping Lion (Leon Dormido) because of some resemblance. This is the remains of a lava cone eroded by the sea, two vertical rocks rising 500 ft (150 m) above the ocean form a small channel that is navigable by small boats. After lunch, you will spend some time on the beach and travel back to the hotel.

Day 4: Hop to Isabela Island, it was formed by six shield volcanoes, Alcedo, Cerra Azul, Darwin, Ecuador, Sierra Negra and Wolf; five of them are still active which makes the island one of the most volcanically active places on earth. In the afternoon, you will explore the beautiful coastline on an exclusive trail on our bikes, taking us through an incredible ecosystem with a wide variety of wildlife including flamingos, marine iguanas, and giant tortoises. We start with a visit to the Wall of Tears, a massive wall built with lava rocks.

Day 5: Today you will go to Lava Tunnels in Isabela Island. This magical place has historically been filmed by BBC and National Geographic for their documentaries. It is a labyrinth of lava arches made of crystal-clear water full of sea turtles, eagle rays, sea lions, sharks and more. The turtles navigate their own highway from the mangroves to the open sea through «Los Tuneles». Here, we will have the best snorkeling opportunity with all these beautiful animals, including the curious Galapagos penguins playing around. Also, we recommend you to take some time to visit the giant tortoise breeding center located walking distance from the hotel.

Day 6: After driving up from Puerto Villamil to the trail head, you will prepare your backpacks for the hike into a young forest ecosystem, a world of recent geological history. Our destination is the rim of Sierra Negra Crater. If you feel energetic enough, you can continue the hike to Volcan Chico, a secondary crater that has a wild landscape of puffing fumaroles and colorful lava formations; great examples of the dramatic geological events that have formed the Galapagos Islands over millennia. In the afternoon you will visit Tintoreras Islet by kayak, located at a short distance from Puerto Villamil and home to a great variety of wildlife.

Day 7: In the morning, traverse from Isabela to Santa Cruz Island, you will check in at the hotel. Then you will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station (4) to learn more about many of the endemic species seen in the wild, as well as the ongoing conservation and management efforts on the Galapagos Islands. Later, you will continue by car to your first stop in the highlands of Santa Cruz. The highlands are home to the iconic giant Galapagos tortoises. Here you will visit a private ranch where you will enjoy lunch before heading out for a walk-in search of the giant tortoises. Finally, you will return to Puerto Ayora to spend the evening in Galapagos’ most populous town.

Day 8: Today, you can experience the Galapagos at your own desire, whether that be scuba diving (request in advance) or just time to relax on the beach! As an option, you can go on a self-guided exploration walk through a dry forest to Tortuga Bay (3.5 mi/ 5.6 km), a beautiful white sand beach and a nesting site to thousands of marine turtles. This beautiful place invites swimming or snorkeling. Alternatively, you can join any of the optional activities (at an extra cost), such as a trip to Floreana Island, Bartolome Island or a scuba-diving day trip, just to mention a few.

Day 9: After your final breakfast on the Galapagos Island and the last photos taken of sea lions, we have a transfer to Baltra’s airport in time to catch the flight back to the mainland.

Day 10: Today your trip will end and you will have your International departures. Take with you your memories and photos and leave a piece of your heart, as you will want to return to Ecuador soon to experience more of this enchanted land. We wish you a «buen viaje»!

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