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A self-powered and unique adventure by Ecuador Pure Life

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Variety of accommodation, first class bikes, and perfect specialized guides all wrapped up for the perfect biking adventure.

Art Epl2There is a magical place in the Andes of Ecuador, after a drive mountain up, and passing by the some of the most important volcanoes in the Cordillera, we meet the huge Quilotoa Lake. It is true that the first glance makes you skip a heartbeat. A vast lake rests in the bottom of what used to be a volcano, moody water that changes its color with the weather and indigenous towns surround it.

It will seem that staring at it will be enough, but there are trails to be discovered that are as rich as the lake and are the ingredients for the perfect adventure. We have outlined a biking expedition beyond the traditional, specially designed for biking lovers and adventure junkies.

At first, an acclimation day. The altitude makes the air thinner so our lungs need to get used to this new condition. The second day we are in for a treat! Downhill from Quilotoa to Isinlivi town, we pass by the paramo, the Toachi Canyon and indigenous towns rich in culture and traditions.

Art Epl3Alexander Von Humboldt’s usual location while in Ecuador will be the goal on the third day of the tour. This might be the hardest day on the tour, as the road is uphill and there will be a significant gain of altitude. A totally worthy challenge for the historical hacienda awaiting at the end of the road.

Finally, reach Cotopaxi Volcano, the highest active volcano in the world, taking a different path than most tourist. A quiet camping night in the skirts of the volcano and a ride through Inca ruins are the cherry on top for this adventure.

What makes this tour special is not only the magnificent location of the chain of volcanoes, the amazing well-kept traditions of the towns still hidden in the heart of the Andes or the handpicked accommodation destinations but the fact that the bike is the only transportation available in the tour, a full self-powered experience.

The logistics are thought so you don’t have to worry about anything else than pedal through the roads. Or course travel light is the first recommendation, the rest is on us.

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