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Hiking at Chimborazo
18 Feb

The best 5 hiking trails in Ecuador

Walking has several benefits for your physical and mental health. Hiking enhances your creativity, new ideas and solutions while also bringing peace & joy. Friedrich Nietzsche, the philosopher, once said that all great thoughts are born while walking. If you are a nature lover fascinated by magnificent landscapes, nature's whispers and the feeling of the wind over your skin- then this information is for you!  Adventure Journeys brings you the best 5 hiking trails in Ecuador. Cajas National Park With over 230 lagoons, rocky mountains and a beautiful moor to explore, Cajas National Park...

28 Ene


Conscious travel it’s the way to give meaning to your travels, and in that way enhance the lives of the people in your destination. An ethical trip is where you learn about the culture, like simple phrases in that language, and consume locally all the way. Advantages of adopting a ‘conscious travel’ mindset It helps the local economy The money you spend goes to the community. That’s why you should buy gifts and shop at local markets, eat at local restaurants, and stay in locally-owned accommodations instead of big hospitality chains. It allows you to...

Galapagos vacation
28 Dic


A vacation in the Galapagos Islands is an experience unlike any other you might have had. The Enchanted Islands are one of the most volcanic active places on Earth, surrounded by unique wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. But what makes the Galapagos the perfect destination for your vacations? The answer is “Everything!” A visit to the Galapagos is like being inside your own wildlife documentary. The islands are the perfect destination to disconnect from everything and reconnect with mother nature, whilst you learn to love and respect our amazing home, the Earth. Traveling styles One can...

galapagos flora
29 Nov


Galapagos is such a magical place, surrounded by amazing landscapes, unique animals, and also surprising plant life. In fact, Galapagos flora is one of the main reasons that make the islands so unique. Due to the particular microclimates and geological make-up of the archipelago, the islands are not filled with the lush, tropical vegetation that many visitors may expect of an equatorial environment. In fact, the Galapagos is more like a desert than like a rainforest. This is why Galapagos plant life has had to adapt to survive in this special climate. Unique...

Galapagos Islands Turtles
29 Oct


The Galapagos Islands, a chain of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador are famous mainly for being home to many giant tortoises and sea turtle populations. This archipelago is one of the best places in the world to see these hard-shelled creatures. In fact, the islands were named after the giant tortoise! Giant tortoises were once so abundant on the Galapagos archipelago of Ecuador that the Spanish sailors who explored the region named the islands after the old Spanish word “galápago”, used to describe the unique shape of the tortoises’’...

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