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Testimonial_ECMS (33)

Monday, 24 September 2018 22:19

Jayce Holland

Written by
My friend and I booked this trip in January of this year and had been looking forward to it since the day we made the decision to go! It was beyond AMAZING from start to finish.
Monday, 24 September 2018 22:17

Maxie Jayme

Written by
This was a last minute, spontaneous trip for me, purchasing my airline tickets less than 24 hours before my trip.
Monday, 24 September 2018 22:15

Ashly Armstrong

Written by
Hands down one of the best trips I have taken so far. From booking, to airport pick up, to hotels, to travels, and excursions, very well organized and professional.
Monday, 24 September 2018 22:09

Casey Rusnica

Written by
Having booked this trip last minute I wasn't sure what I was in for. I could not have asked for a better trip or better people to experience Ecuador with.
Monday, 24 September 2018 22:04

Leah Priddy

Written by
This trip was FANTASTIC! I booked with a group of friends through The Clymb, and we had no idea what to expect.
Monday, 24 September 2018 21:52

Jeffery Scott

Written by
I have been backpacking and adventure traveling on my own for over a decade. This was the first time I chose to trust a company with the planning.
Monday, 05 June 2017 13:00

Manihi Kotnik

Written by

I had such an enjoyable, inspirational time in Ecuador.

Monday, 05 June 2017 12:43

Darci Munford

Written by
This was a wonderful way to come to know Ecuador
Monday, 05 June 2017 12:18

Margaret Marshall

Written by
Our guides were great at ensuring we did all the itinerary promised and more, making this a wonderful experience.
Monday, 05 June 2017 10:49

Ryan Benham

Written by
I had an amazing time seeing the sites and experiencing the culture
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